Recap and A fresh start

Before elaborating on anything else, I just want to thank that guy Mathieu who was able to give me the access to my tumblr. I also want to thank God and all the angels he put in my way since I move in montreal. What a challenging summer; being parentless and totally on my own in a big cit, living hell with my roomate and struggling with my self confidence. It was a great battle that taugt me a lot about my stregnt and my ability to stay true to myself.

Today, I am living a life I wouldn’t expected at all. 8 years old me would be proud of myself. I’m studying fashion design at Lasalle College among the most talented people. I’m surrounded with people that shares the same values as me and I am opening every door to my dream life by myself. Its not always easy, I am often homesick and I cry everytime I think of how far I’m from. But it’s not always sad tears, most of the time I cry because I am happy and proud. I know life has some kick ass chalenges for me, but I never quit even when I know I wont win. I met inspiring people that had the same passion and motivation in their work. It gives me hope and it empowers me. Im thankful for everything

"I’d buy it if it was in black."

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